I've designed, built, and operated high-scale ecommerce websites, SaaS products, and countless internal enterprise apps. I have experience building and supporting high-performance teams, both local and distributed, that deliver high-quality products, services, and experiences across a variety of verticals.

A technology leader must bring the right balance of technical expertise, business acumen, and pragmatism to deliver consistent and high-quality results. I pride myself on being a disciplined thinker, thoughtful listener, and expert communicator. I'm most passionate and happy when working with talented people solving challenging problems and driving thoughtful innovation through technology.

My professional experience and capabilities – disciplined thinker, organized, and highly collaborative with a bias for action – support what you might need to transform your teams into outcome-driven, empowered product teams that deliver amazing products.

  • I've led engineering, quality, and product teams and have been responsible for overall technology and software delivery across the enterprise. From a high-scale consumer-facing ecommerce website (+150k unique visitors/day; millions of pageviews/day) to numerous internal-user enterprise applications.
  • I've led the cultural and organizational transformation from project teams into domain-bound and durable product teams, posturing our teams to support our customers, business partners, and stakeholders more effectively.
  • I've nurtured a culture of radical transparency to improve the flow of communication and breakdown silos between teams. I also spearheaded creating an experimentation-and-challenge culture to help drive continuous and meaningful discussions about customer problems worth solving, which helped inform the strategic planning and road-mapping process.
  • I've established quarterly strategic planning process by utilizing the "Objectives and Key Results" framework, which resulted in strong organizational alignment from top to bottom on priorities and expectations. I designed, documented, educated, and administered the entire process for the first two quarters as we learned and iterated on the design.
  • I've led product management, establishing the vision and guiding principles, building trust with our business partners and stakeholders by improving collaboration, and favoring openness and transparency in our framework, process, and plans.

I pride myself on being very technical and work to keep my skills fresh and current. I was an individual contributing software engineer and architect for many years before taking on more strategic leadership roles. I've spent the better part of the past decade continuing to improve my engineering capabilities while developing a customer-first strategic mindset.